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Looking For A Vegan Treat Or New Vegan Meal Idea?

I hope this video inspires you to eat more plant based foods.

Today is day 7 of a 21 Day Challenge where I share with you as uninhibited as possible.

Today I was having a treat that’s controversial in some of the Vegan circles I follow.

Vegan Hot Chocolate.

As you may know from other videos I’ve done, Chocolate can have high amounts of cadmium and lead, even if it’s organic.

For that reason, and it’s a stimulant, I don’t have it regularly.  But…. It sure is a lot better for you than a lot of things you could be putting in your body.

We also enjoyed a typical special vegan brunch.  Potatoes, Tofu Scramble, Garlic Bread.  Hopefully the way we eat this meal is something new and inspiring.

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Wishing you great health. ( -:


Ready For A Whole Body Cleanse That Will Change Your Life?

When you think about doing a cleanse, the first thing that comes to mind, may be something along the lines of people taking some supplement and changing their diet a little bit for a short time.

It’s all about detoxifying right?

What’s the latest best cleanse to do?

That’s a little bit of what’s probably going on inside your head when you think about doing a cleanse.

Well today, I’m going to change all that for you. I am going to introduce you to a way of cleansing that is going to change your life forever, and you will probably never go back completely to the way you were before the cleanse.

I’m talking about a lifestyle changing cleanse.

Let me ask you a question. When you think about doing a cleanse, is it something that seems difficult to do? Do you need it to be super planned out so you can make it work, or do you just pop some herb capsules and go about your business as usual, except you don’t drink alcohol for a few days?

Whatever you’re currently thinking a cleanse is supposed to look like, get ready for something different.

A cleanse doesn’t have to be hard… And you CAN do a whole body cleanse that will give you more energy than you’re used to having, while you’re doing it.

The truth is, I don’t do cleanses in the traditional sense. My lifestyle keeps me cleansed. When I want to feel a little better I just fine tune my current lifestyle for a little added benefit.

That’s why I say the cleanse I’m going to tell you about now is going to change your life forever. You’ll feel so much better as a result that you won’t want to ditch these new habits completely.

So How Do You Do The Cleanse Already?

All your going to do is change what you eat for a few days to a week. After that, you’ll probably continue on with some of these changes and they will ultimately change your life for the better.

What you want to do, is eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

“What” you say, “I’m out of here.”

Stick around for a minute, and I’ll present a way of eating fruits and vegetables along with some other more dense foods, that will be super cleansing and building at the same time.

I’m not talking about the Raw Food Diet either.

You may not have known this, but fruits are super cleansing, and you can eat a lot of them.

So here’s what to do.

Eat as much fresh fruit as you want to throughout the day through breakfast and lunch up to dinner time.

You can eat something else besides fruits if you like, but make sure it’s something that is going to be very beneficial without losing the results of the cleanse. More about that in a minute.

I recommend starting the day off with a banana, water, and greens smoothie; You can use Chlorella as an alternative to Greens during the cleanse, and it’s very cleansing.

Start with no less than 3 to 5 bananas, as you want to make sure you are getting plenty of calories to really sustain you.

Although you can eat all day long if you want, I recommend eating 3 to five times during the day, so there’s space between your meals that allows for you to feel hungry.

Feeling Hungry is very cleansing and it’s good for your mind and body, but still don’t think about calories at all, and don’t worry about the sugars in the fruits either, no matter what you’ve been told.

Believe it or not, many people with type 2 diabetes have been able to reverse it by doing exactly what I’ve mentioned so far, but I’m not done with you.

When dinner time approaches you’ll be happy to know you can switch away from the fruits if you want.

Choose foods like potatoes and rice, in abundance. Quinoa is also really good.

Get as many vegetables as you like, and steam them or boil them with a very small amount of purified water.

Some good veggies for steaming or boiling are cabbage, carrots, beets, zucchini or other squash, onions, garlic, corn peas, and all kinds of greens.

Just because I didn’t mention it, doesn’t mean it’s not a good vegetable to steam.

Don’t be afraid to have some garbanzos ( chick peas ), or lentils in the evening. In fact it’s even okay to have some other kind of bean that’s well cooked.

Once you’ve cooked your evening meal add some sea salt to taste. A little cayenne is cleansing and also a good source of vitamin C if you like the heat, but it’s not necessary.

You might crave a little bit of fat, so don’t be afraid to have 1/2 to a full avocado. A little flax oil, as an alternative to the avocado is also okay.

1- 3 tablespoons of Flax oil is plenty, and can keep you a little more satiated, but it’s not absolutely necessary. You can just increase the amount of cooked veggies, rice, quinoa, potatoes, etc. for the satiation you desire instead of eating the avocado or flax oil.

Getting back to the morning alternative to JUST Fruit, you can cook up some rice or oatmeal with raisins and don’t be afraid to add some source of sugar to either of these. Not just any sugar though.

If you’re eating oatmeal, just put plenty of raisins in it and that will be sweet enough.

If you’re having rice, you can sweeten it with sucanat, coconut sugar, or honey. All of these sweeteners are full of nutrients in addition to being an added source of calories and the reason for adding them is to give you extra calories, and make it appetizing if it’s not already.

You don’t have to add sugar to the items above, but I recommend you don’t use a lot of salt during the day, as it makes you hold onto water, and you want to cleanse, right?

You can use some salt with your evening meal, but keep it light.

It’s also okay to have more steamed or boiled veggies around lunch as an alternative to fruit, and don’t be afraid to eat a lot of them.

One of the most important things to do during your cleanse is drink plenty of good water. Yes, it does make a difference if it doesn’t have any chlorine or fluoride in it. Both of the aforementioned are poisons, and again…  You want to cleanse.

You can drink purified water, distilled water, or spring water, and don’t get hung up on which one it is for the purpose of you cleanse.

I recommend starting off the day with 1/2 to a full quart of water, and drinking 1/2 to a quart of water throughout the night as well. Add some freshly squeezed lemon to your water in the morning for an added cleansing effect, but most of all make sure you drink the water.

Although it’s not necessary, feel free to drink freshly juiced vegetables, as they are very cleansing. One of the best combinations for cleansing and building is Celery, Beet, Carrot, Ginger; Use only about a 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch piece of ginger.

During the cleanse, there are some things you don’t want to have. I’m listing them below.

  • Meat of any kind, including fish
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Coffee
  • All Vegetable Oils besides what’s mentioned above
  • Regular breads (A little Ezekiel or Manna Sprouted Bread Is Okay)

Last, I recommend getting a good night’s sleep during the cleanse. Of course it’s good to get a good nights sleep whenever you can, but especially when your body is experiencing big changes.

Getting enough sleep will give your body the extra energy it needs to literally push more toxins out.

So there it is. Now you know how to do a cleanse that will change your life forever; Not to mention increase your energy levels and help you to feel Good, generally.

Do you follow a cleansing diet of your own?

Please post your comments and share any experience you have with body cleansing in the comments section below.

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Stop Dreaming About Being Healthy And Do Something That Will Really Make A Difference

For a long time I’ve been a little unsure about whether or not eating meat was actually a healthful habit. There’s so much mixed information floating around, and it makes it difficult to see what’s really beneficial to put in your body and what’s hurting your health.

Although I’ve been a Vegetarian since 1996 and a Vegan Style vegetarian for a lot of that time, I didn’t know for sure if it was better in every way for a person’s health to give up meat and other animal products completely, and eat 100% plant based.

I admit, there are still a few unanswered questions about whether or not being a Vegan is the best choice for your health, but it’s also true that it seems more likely than ever before, that most people would experience better health if they were to go all the way with a plant based diet.

Whatever you think, the following video has some scientific information in it that I think will surprise you. It surprised me, even though I’ve been a vegetarian for so long. I think you owe it to yourself to have a look.

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19 Months Of Being Vegan

What The Vegan Diet Did To Me In 19 Months


As you may know if you’ve been following me, I went all the way vegan as an experiment a while back that was meant to be for 30 days.  Now it’s 19 months later and I’m still eating Vegan Style.

So What’s happened To Me On The Vegan Diet?

To get a clear picture, I’ve been Vegan or Vegetarian since 1996 and I’ve done this lifestyle in just about every way you can imagine.

When I had my first child, I began to wonder if Milk would be important for his development, so after my wife and I talked about it we started consuming milk a little more frequently and it gradually became a regular staple again, along with some organic cream, cheese, and yogurt.

19 months ago, I decided to give it a break to see if my health improved.  So did it?

My answer is Yes, I think.

Now I’m pretty sure I’m better off, but it’s very difficult to compare how I feel now, to how I feel then.

What I do know now, is I’ve had a few blood tests since I’ve been eating Vegan style and everything looks real good.

In addition to that, I’ve lost a few pounds, and I feel great.

My fitness has improved for sure, but that may be partly related to the little differences in my exercise regime right now.  Part of that change is I work out less, believe it or not.

My handstands are better than ever and my strength and speed are a little better than when I started this Vegan experiment.

To keep this story short, let’s just say, I’m not ready to go off the Vegan Plan for now.

In addition to the fact that I feel great, I’m more convinced that the Vegan Diet, done correctly, is a pretty optimal way of eating.

I’ve also become more convicted about eating vegan because it’s better for the whole world on a number of levels.

I may go into more detail about exactly why I think that Vegan Diet is better for the world in general soon, but for now I’m going to suggest you watch the movie Cowspiracy, as that movie will clue you in on some of the why.

One Thing I Know For Sure.

You Can Be Extremely Healthy Eating Vegan Style.

I recommend you try it out if you haven’t.  Please share your comments and criticisms below.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


A Vegan Breakfast Idea

What’s A Good Breakfast For Vegans?

Today I made an impromptu video of my family to see what they REALLY eat for breakfast.

Green Smoothies are a TYPICAL Breakfast for us. Some kind of greens with water and bananas are the most common.

The smoothie you saw today had Red Leaf Lettuce, Bananas, Mixed Baby Greens and Filtered Water; 11 Bananas to be exact, and that’s not many bananas for all of us.

If my family wasn’t here I would have made the same sized smoothie and drank the whole thing myself.

Please share what you ate for breakfast this morning below. I hope it was good.


Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

I’m sure you want to know what could possibly be bad about Dark Chocolate.  After all, the media has been going crazy about how great dark chocolate is for you for several years now.

Being around the Raw Food Crew for many years, I learned that Chocolate was the Food Of The Gods, and that it might be one of the most nutritionally dense superfoods.  I also learned from other people into Raw Food, that there might be another side to chocolate that was not so good.

The Dark Side Of Chocolate

Although I have consumed a rather large amount of chocolate in the form of Raw Cacao Powder or Nibs at times, I always wondered if it was really good for me.  The more I consumed the more I felt addicted.

I also felt overstimulated by chocolate at times, and I often felt like I didn’t feel as good as when I didn’t consume it; I especially noticed the withdrawals I’d have for a few days every time I’d decide to go without it for awhile.

What I’ve probably noticed the most regarding chocolate consumption, is how much better I start to feel after I haven’t had it for awhile.

I suspected that it was the theobromine or the caffeine in the chocolate that might be contributing to my Not So Good feeling related to it’s consumption, but I now suspect it might have been something much worse about the chocolate.

Recent studies have shown many chocolate products, including Organic Raw Cacao products to have high amounts of Cadmium and Lead.

Both Cadmium and Lead are seriously bad for you and although some cacao sources that were tested had a very small amount of these heavy metals, many of them contained considerable amounts of Lead and Cadmium.

I’m not trying to scare you away from Chocolate, but I think it’s worth your consideration to learn more about the chocolate products you eat, and make sure you’re not hurting yourself.

Now the average person who consumes a little chocolate every once in awhile might not need to concern themselves, but if you’ve been consuming a lot of chocolate because you believed it was good for you, you might want to think again, and at least know which Cacao products are the safer ones if you’re going to continue consuming it in any considerable amount.

What are the harmful effects of Lead and Cadmium?

Lead can cause problems with your bones, kidneys, heart and nervous system.  It’s particularly bad for children because it causes interference with nervous system development which can cause learning challenges in addition to other undesirable effects.

Cadmium can cause serious damage to the kidneys and cause your bones to become soft and lose density.  In addition Cadmium is linked to skin disorders and cardiovascular problems.

Do You Need To Be Concerned If You Consume A Lot Of Cacao (Chocolate)?

The specific chocolate you’re consuming is what makes the biggest difference.  Mike Adams has a list of a number of Cacao Products with details of which ones had more and less cadmium and lead.

It does make a difference if you consume a lot of chocolate, and you also consume coffee and smoke cigarettes, because coffee and cigarettes also deposit more cadmium in your body.

I hope you enjoyed this and I didn’t ruin your day if you’re a chocolate lover.

Please share your thoughts about Lead and Cadmium in Chocolate in the comments section below.


Yummy Vegan Vegetarian Meal Ideas

I hope these simple Plant Based Meals inspire you to be Eat Awesome and Feel Better.


How To Get Organic Fruit Cheaper

One great tip for saving money on your fruit is buying local and in season.  The best way I have found to get fruit in great quantity at a great price is by buying it from a fruit distributor.

On the western slope of Colorado in a town called Hotchkiss there is a company called Roger’s Mesa Fruit.  Their address is 9981 3100 Road, CO 81419.  They get all kinds of local fruits, including Cherries, Apricots, Peaches, Pears and Apples.

Fruits in the area Roger’s Mesa is located in have a snow melt run off water source, which is also a first use water source.  Pretty nice.

I bought very nice Organic Peaches from them this year for 1.00 per pound when the best deal you could find in any store was 1.99; And the store Organic Peaches were not NEAR as nice as the ones I got from Roger’s Mesa Fruit.

For a person who eats a lot of fruit this information is like Gold.

Roger’s Mesa Fruit gets some of their fruits from the following farms around the Gunnison River Valley.

  • First Fruits
  • Mesa Crest Farm
  • White Buffalo
  • Fortunate Fruit
  • Mountain Spirit Orchards



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A Blackberry Smoothie Recipe, A Little About Soy, And Why You Shouldn’t Trust Sally Fallon Of The Weston A Price Foundation

Is Sally Fallon Healthy?

I’m pretty sure Sally Fallon is not healthy.  If you look at her you can see she’s definitely not fit.  I wouldn’t care to point these things out if she wasn’t so biased against Vegan and Vegetarian Diets.

Sally Fallon is the President of the Weston A Price Foundation and she’s on a mission to get you to eat a lot of meat and dairy.  She believes that cholesterol is not at all bad for you and she may be right about this.  She calls herself the Butter Queen.

Now it may turn out that Cholesterol is not the big enemy people have believed it to be, but even if she’s right about Cholesterol, I can tell you for sure, many of her claims are very biased.

She bashes soy and claims that IT, not Hormones from animal products, is responsible for girls developing early.  She says the spiritual feeling Vegetarians have is from a lack of Zinc.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying Sally Fallon is a bad person, and I certainly have no Hate for her.  The things she says often make me laugh.

The biggest issue I have with Sally is many of the claims she makes are not based on science.  They are purely her opinion but she preaches them as if they were scientific fact.

All you have to do is read Nutrition And Physical Degeneration for yourself and you’ll learn that most of her eating philosophy is based on this book.  She actually tells us this so it’s not a secret.

The problem is, her philosophy that she claims was heavily influenced by Weston Price was not his philosophy at all.  It’s as if she completely missed the point of his book.

One of Weston Price’s Main Claims is that when indigenous people switched from their native diet to one that consisted of mainly canned foods, vegetable oil, white sugar and white flower their health rapidly deteriorated.  This makes perfect sense to me.

What Sally Fallon seems to have got out of Weston A Price’s Book is that being vegetarian is bad and will kill you.  Unless I missed it, there was nothing in Nutrition And Physical Degeneration that should make anyone believe that Weston blamed a vegetarian diet for anything.

If you Read It yourself, please let me know what your opinion is.  I always like to get a fresh perspective.

Black Berry Smoothie Recipe!

  • 1 10 Ounce Bag Of Organic Blackberries
  • 2 Trays Of Ice
  • 4 Tablespoons Of Organic Sucanat
  • 16 Ounces of Organics Soy Milk.  I use Unsweetened Westsoy Soymilk because it contains only Organic Soy Beans and Filtered Water.

Blend all of the above ingredients thoroughly in your best blender and serve.  Yum.

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Please leave your comments below.



Here’s A Little Bit From Our Family Reunion!

Our kids had a lot of fun breaking this Piñata.  There were 2 Pinatas this year.  We normally bring some SPECIAL Candy to trade out the Piñata Candy our kids collect.

This year, thanks to (Rebecca) Becca Kintzley, my cousin Ben’s wife, we didn’t have to bring our own Candy.  She surprised us with some Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Chocolate Covered Pretzels, And Organic Fruit Snacks And Fruit Chews.  Thanks Becca.

Do you eat Candy?

Please share your thoughts with us below.