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How To Get Back In Shape Fast

Are YOU Ready to Get In Shape?

I hope you are, because I’m about to let you in on what I’ve been doing lately, that’s helped me to get back in shape pretty quickly.

It’s actually pretty easy and it won’t take a huge time commitment.  There are only 2 main principles you’ll need to follow.

  1. Be Consistent In Doing Your Exercise.
  2. Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone Into A LITTLE Pain, While Doing Your Exercise.

So What Do You Need To Do To Get Back In Shape?

I recommend you do mini exercise routines 5-6 days per week when you wake up.  These are relatively simple exercises, so DON’T worry.

Ready For The Easiest Part Of These Workout Plans?  Okay!

For 2-3 of the days your going to do some simple yoga stretching and traditional style stretching exercises.  You’re not even going to get your heart rate up on these days.  Just breathe extra deep while your doing the stretches and move in your stretches.

When I say move, I mean hold a stretch for a minute, then flex your muscles that are being stretched while your in the stretch, then relax the muscles.  Experiment with the stretch.  While keeping your body in good alignment, try different variations that feel beneficial to your body.  Breathing is number 1 when it comes to your Yoga Stretching Routine.

Ready For The NOT So Easy Parts Of Your Work Out Plan? Ready Or Not!

Start off easy.  Do some squats, and do some squats where you touch your fingers to the floor and lift them up into the sky when you come back up.  Do this easy to start off and do it smooth, and increase your speed as you get warmed up.

Get on the floor in the pushup position.  Before doing any pushups, experiment with holding yourself different distances from the floor by lowering yourself close to the floor and various distances from the floor.

While in the push up position, Bring one knee at a time to your chest while the other leg goes back to the extended position; Kind of like running in the pushup position.

Now lie on your Belly, and do repetitions of lifting your legs and chest off of the floor; You should really feel this in your lower back.

Next jump back up and do some more squats. Now add a little jump to your squat.  Now bring your legs up towards your chest as you go from a squat into a jump.

Do a handstand against the wall, and hold yourself there, with your arms extended to build strength; As you get stronger, you can do handstand pushups against the wall, but don’t start off trying to do that.  Make sure you build strength first so you don’t injure yourself.

Do some boxing bunches.  Work at making them smooth and build speed as you get smooth.  Try some boxing punch sprints as you advance.  You can really get your heart rate up by alternating AIR Punches with your right and left hands.

If you’re just beginning to exercise and you don’t have much strength, try going down onto your belly and standing back up over and over again.  This is really good exercise and will help you to get into the kind of shape to do the other exercises.

Repeat these exercises to the point of breaking a sweat, and to the point where you’re muscles are fatigued, but NOT Exhausted.

Now For The Hardest Step To Getting Back In Shape Fast.

Go for a run 2 times per week, and work at beating your own run time.  Don’t worry if you don’t beat your best run time, each time.  Be willing to push your pain threshold a little further, as you feel like your body is ready for it.  You can run as little as 1 mile, 2 times per week and experience a pretty profound transformation.

What’s The Most Fun Part Of Getting Back In Shape?

Eating.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits, and Greens.  You can eat a lot of fruit no matter what the Fruit Haters Say.  Eat lots of Plant based foods for energy.  Include Rice, Quinoa, Corn, Peas, Potatoes, Garbanzo Beans, Lentils, Kidney Beans, And Pinto Beans.

Eat all kinds of vegetables; fresh, boiled or steamed.

That’s how to get back in shape fast!  Please share your comments and criticisms below.  I love to know your thoughts.

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  • Jen ,

    Hey Sye,
    I like your ideas for a short morning work out routine that I can do at home. How long do you do these exercises for? 30mins?
    Hope you all are well. I am down in Nosara, visiting john… Thinking about you guys!

    • Hey Jen,

      Good to hear from you. Please tell John Hello as well. I bet Costa Rica is Great right now.

      Glad you like this. These short morning workouts really do work. I recommend anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes on these exercises, but if you only have 10, do it. I’ve been learning it’s really about being consistent and pushing yourself a little here and there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jen.

  • liv ,

    Dear Sye,

    I just watched your video about the Lightning Speed Fitness Program ~ It is a one time payment, or if I buy the program, will I be charged each month?

    Also — have you incorporated any of Roger Haeske’s program into your daily workout plan?


    • Hi Liv,

      Thanks for your question and watching my Lightning Speed Fitness Review. It is a one time payment for the program.

      I have incorporated variations of what I’ve learned from Lightning Speed into my own workout routine. In the Lightning Speed Fitness program Roger Haeske shows a specific way of doing one exercise, and he also includes a lot of extra information to help you round out your exercise routine.

      When you purchase the program through THIS LINK, and email me letting me know you purchased it through my link, I’ll give you my Sexy Fit Program as a bonus. You can also use the contact form on this page to let me know about your purchase.

      I hope this helps Liv.

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