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No Milk Or Other Dairy For 30 Days

No Milk… No Problem.

Is life without Milk BETTER?  I’m about to find out.  I’ve been completely vegan before, but it’s been a few years since I started consuming Dairy again.

You might know that I recently Quit Coffee, and I’m done with it forever.  You can read about that HERE if you want.  Well now, I’m going Without Milk for 30 days to see if I like life better without it.

Milk may have some benefits, but I’m not sure the good about Milk outweighs the bad.

Is Drinking Milk Good For You?

It’s not easy to determine whether or not milk is good for you if you look for the science that supports whether it’s good or not.  Actual studies seem very contradictory to each other.

If you look at websites for and against milk, you’ll read that Milk is either really bad for you or really good for you depending on where you are reading.

There’s no doubt in my mind that organic milk is better for you than commercial milk, and milk from grass fed cows is better for you than corn fed cows.

When it comes to commercial milk, you can be sure, the cows that produce it are mostly cows that receive rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone).  This hormone does affect the health of the cow, but most studies show rBGH specifically, does not seem to affect the health of humans, although more research is needed.

In cows rBGH causes their breast tissue to become engorged, it reduces their fertility andincreases their risk for clinical signs of lameness.

The rBGH given to cows does increase the level of (IGF-1) Insulin Like Growth Hormone present in the milk they produce, which is a concern.

According to American Cancer Society there is a relationship between  IGF-1 and the growth of some tumors.  It’s also true that IGF-1 is still active after milk has been pasteurized, and it is absorbed, at least to some degree in our digestive tracts.  Be aware that IGF1 is also present in Organic Milk, but in smaller amounts.

Does Milk Create Stronger Bones?

One of the main reasons people think milk is good, is because it contains calcium, and calcium accounts for a good percentage of bone mass.

The interesting thing is, some studies show an increased risk of bone fractures in people who consume MORE milk; And people in countries where no milk is consumed do not have an increased risk of bone fractures.

What About Vitamin D Though; Doesn’t Milk Provide A Healthy Dose Of It?

Vitamin D is naturally present in Milk in very small amounts, but it’s not Vitamin D Rich in the least.  Most milks are fortified with Vitamin D, and that’s the reason you hear you need milk to get Vitamin D.

Vitamin A is also added to most store bought milk, and in the form of Vitamin A Palmitate or Retinol.  Too much Vitamin A in this form is linked to Osteoporosis and bone fractures.  You can get plenty of Vitamin A in a way that’s safe from eating Fruits and Vegetables.

What To Do About Milk?

Look for Raw and/or Organic Milk that’s not fortified if you’re going to drink it.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do long term about Milk.  I’m taking a break from it for now, and I may never drink milk again, or decide I’m alright with it.  I’ll let you know.

I do tend to agree with the people who say Milk from Cows is for baby Cows, and even the cows stop drinking it when they no longer need it.

My personal experience with Milk is that I don’t feel as good in general when I’m drinking it, but I’m not quite sure if it’s all bad for us.  I’ll keep you posted as my journey with or without milk continues.

Be sure to leave any comments, including criticisms you have about what’s written here, and Milk in general, below.

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  • Faleen ,

    Oh brother dear….cant believe you drank milk even for a little bit! Although I know you are extremely disciplined when it comes to food, most people aren’t.

    Perhaps it’s not the little glass of milk someone might have once in awhile that’s the issue. It’s the okay that’s being given on dairy in general. Where you, me and a small percentage of the population would buy organic raw for our glass of milk, the average person will not.

    Now the general permission simply becomes dairy is good to consume in all forms. So the public goes to their local grocery store and gets their hormone filled cheese, (that takes like 4 times the amount of milk to produce), then wonders why their kid is growing breasts at 8 and has a size 10 foot.

    If someone is a conscientious shopper/eater like sister Sue and you, no problem at all…moderation in all things, right? But the average joe out there isn’t. For everyone’s sake, just say no to cow puss! XO

  • wind ,

    You are really crazy for encouraging negative comments, but that’s what I love about you! You are growing a fearless heart and have always been incredibly humble. Way to go and all my support as you challenge yourself to soar ever higher. That is exactly what our world and everyone in it needs to witness! I might even face my chocolate addiction if you keep it up!
    All love.

  • Jenny ,

    Be aware that when you stop drinking milk, it will naturally become hard for your body to digest when you reintroduce. I have not been drinking cow’s milk for over twenty years. As a child it seemed to be digestible to me, but as a teenager it began to cause digestive problems that took several years to figure out all I had to do was eliminate milk to feel so much better. That part was aggravating that it was not suggested by a doctor sooner. I am able to digest a low to moderate level of cheese, as long as it is not a creamy type such as ricotta. I try to only eat good cheese such as organic, non-gmo, from grass-fed cows, certified humane, etc. After years of believing it was the lactose I am quite certain it is actually the casein. My kids are both the same. There is some scary information on what could potentially be in regular cow’s milk (I read they feed dairy cows cheap candy over corn as it is cheaper and increases milk production…stuff like candy sprinkles…yikes). I also think the dairy industry is corrupt and will stop at nothing to make people think milk is the healthiest thing to drink. Scary how much power they wield. I have a lot to share about this topic! Thanks for your awesome research. I sure miss your family!! Love, Jenny

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