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What We Ate For Breakfast Today And Almost Everyday For Several Years

Someone recently suggested I give some breakfast ideas, SO… here’s a real good way to start your day.

Today our green smoothie consisted of:

  • 1/2 Quart Purified Water
  • 12 Medium Sized Bananas
  • 1 Head Red Leaf Lettuce
  • 1 Handful Of Mixed Greens

Do you eat Green Smoothies?

What’s the first thing you like to eat in the morning? Please Share Below!


What Can You Gain From A Running Challenge?

If you are into doing things that help you to grow, A challenge like this will definitely help.  I’m going to share what I’ve learned from doing this challenge myself, in the hope that it inspires you on some level.  I hope it will help you to do more of what you want to do.

I guess that’s the first lesson I learned.  Doing this challenge I improved my run time greatly and I’m inspired to continue with other challenges.  So there’s the first lesson.

It Will Inspire You!

The second great thing this Running Challenge reenforced is

Everything Gets Easier With Practice.

That’s right.  Of course you know it’s true, but when you first start a new challenge it might be very difficult, and it may be hard for you to imagine you could improve greatly.

On my first run, I ran pretty casually and it took me 7 minutes and 52 seconds to run a mile.  It was humbling, as I have relatives that can run close to a 5 minute mile, and nephews that can do a mile in under 6 minutes.

On my second run I pushed myself a little and got my time down to 6 minutes 58 seconds.

My Best Mile Time In The Last 30 Days was 6 minutes 35 seconds.  That’s 1 minute and 17 seconds better than my first mile time.  Now I KNOW I’m going to beat my best time soon, because it’s getting easier to go faster.

So What’s The Most Valuable Lesson From This Running Challenge?

You Are Powerful.  Full Of Power!

When you consistently challenge yourself and keep your commitments to yourself, you’ll realize how much power you truly have.

Whatever you want to do is waiting for you to do it; and the person you become along the way will make you feel GOOD about yourself.

Everybody has time.  You may be busy, but the average person spends about 80% of their time doing the things that matter the least, and 20% of their time doing the things that matter the most.

If you make conscious choices to do things you want to, or even NEED to do, you can get out of the trap most of us fall into.  It might not be easy, but it is very rewarding.

How Has This Challenge Changed Me?

I feel like I came back to life.  I’ve been doing little challenges for awhile now, and those things have helped me gain the confidence to do other things.

This running and physical play challenge was one that pushed me a little more out of my comfort zone than the other challenges, and it has truly changed my life.  Measuring my change has inspired me to beat myself and I want to keep playing this GAME.

My wife told me I seem like a completely different person, In a GOOD way.  I see that too.  I look forward to the morning more consistently.  I’m more READY to go do what I need and want to do.  I’m more inspired to do what is good for myself and others.

Of course I’ve got a long way to go, and that’s why I’m going to keep on RUNNING.

Did you challenge yourself recently?  Do you have something to say about this running and physical play challenge?  Please share YOUR thoughts on this page.

Here’s The Link To The First Post About The Running Challenge.


How To Get Back In Shape Fast

Are YOU Ready to Get In Shape?

I hope you are, because I’m about to let you in on what I’ve been doing lately, that’s helped me to get back in shape pretty quickly.

It’s actually pretty easy and it won’t take a huge time commitment.  There are only 2 main principles you’ll need to follow.

  1. Be Consistent In Doing Your Exercise.
  2. Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone Into A LITTLE Pain, While Doing Your Exercise.

So What Do You Need To Do To Get Back In Shape?

I recommend you do mini exercise routines 5-6 days per week when you wake up.  These are relatively simple exercises, so DON’T worry.

Ready For The Easiest Part Of These Workout Plans?  Okay!

For 2-3 of the days your going to do some simple yoga stretching and traditional style stretching exercises.  You’re not even going to get your heart rate up on these days.  Just breathe extra deep while your doing the stretches and move in your stretches.

When I say move, I mean hold a stretch for a minute, then flex your muscles that are being stretched while your in the stretch, then relax the muscles.  Experiment with the stretch.  While keeping your body in good alignment, try different variations that feel beneficial to your body.  Breathing is number 1 when it comes to your Yoga Stretching Routine.

Ready For The NOT So Easy Parts Of Your Work Out Plan? Ready Or Not!

Start off easy.  Do some squats, and do some squats where you touch your fingers to the floor and lift them up into the sky when you come back up.  Do this easy to start off and do it smooth, and increase your speed as you get warmed up.

Get on the floor in the pushup position.  Before doing any pushups, experiment with holding yourself different distances from the floor by lowering yourself close to the floor and various distances from the floor.

While in the push up position, Bring one knee at a time to your chest while the other leg goes back to the extended position; Kind of like running in the pushup position.

Now lie on your Belly, and do repetitions of lifting your legs and chest off of the floor; You should really feel this in your lower back.

Next jump back up and do some more squats. Now add a little jump to your squat.  Now bring your legs up towards your chest as you go from a squat into a jump.

Do a handstand against the wall, and hold yourself there, with your arms extended to build strength; As you get stronger, you can do handstand pushups against the wall, but don’t start off trying to do that.  Make sure you build strength first so you don’t injure yourself.

Do some boxing bunches.  Work at making them smooth and build speed as you get smooth.  Try some boxing punch sprints as you advance.  You can really get your heart rate up by alternating AIR Punches with your right and left hands.

If you’re just beginning to exercise and you don’t have much strength, try going down onto your belly and standing back up over and over again.  This is really good exercise and will help you to get into the kind of shape to do the other exercises.

Repeat these exercises to the point of breaking a sweat, and to the point where you’re muscles are fatigued, but NOT Exhausted.

Now For The Hardest Step To Getting Back In Shape Fast.

Go for a run 2 times per week, and work at beating your own run time.  Don’t worry if you don’t beat your best run time, each time.  Be willing to push your pain threshold a little further, as you feel like your body is ready for it.  You can run as little as 1 mile, 2 times per week and experience a pretty profound transformation.

What’s The Most Fun Part Of Getting Back In Shape?

Eating.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits, and Greens.  You can eat a lot of fruit no matter what the Fruit Haters Say.  Eat lots of Plant based foods for energy.  Include Rice, Quinoa, Corn, Peas, Potatoes, Garbanzo Beans, Lentils, Kidney Beans, And Pinto Beans.

Eat all kinds of vegetables; fresh, boiled or steamed.

That’s how to get back in shape fast!  Please share your comments and criticisms below.  I love to know your thoughts.


Does Physical Play Equal Weight Loss?

As you may know I’ve been doing a physical Play/Run/Weight Loss Challenge; And Yes… Doing different types of physical play along with running can amount to some pretty significant weight loss.

I’m on week 3 of the challenge and I’ve lost about 7 pounds.  In addition I’m feeling better than I have in a long time.

I’ve captured some action scenes from some of the physical play I’ve been doing and posted them on this page to give YOU some ideas of what you can do.

I hope you enjoy them.

Rolling Hard Before Dusk

Playing Soccer In The Park In The Rain

Whether you want to Drop Pounds, have some more  fun and adventure, or both; I highly recommend you get outside and Play More.

Are You Doing Your Own 30 Day Challenge?  Please Share Below!

The Physical Play And Run Challenge Begins!


This Papaya Smoothie Is For You!

If you were looking for a YUMMY papaya smoothie recipe, you came to the right spot.  This secret recipe was only a secret for about 2 days, as I had to let you in on it.

You can make this banana papaya smoothie a number of ways, and I’ve outlined the 2 ways I’ve tried recently here.

One way I’ve made this smoothie is like a pudding and the other is more like a drink.

The Drink Papaya Banana Smoothie – As Seen In The Video

Take about 1 Pound Of Ripe Papaya, and scoop it into your High Powered Blender.  Add two Medium Ripe Bananas and Approximately 2 Cups of Water.

Blend on high until SUPER smooth.  Pour into a cup and drink it up.  Mmm.

Papaya Banana Yum Pudding

Scoop about 1/2 pound RIPE Papaya into your High Powered Blender.  PEEL 5 MediumsBanana Papaya Smoothie Sized Ripe Bananas and put them into your Blender; The Peeling Step is important. (:

Add about 1 cup of water for STARTERS, and blend until CREAMY.  You can add a little more water if you don’t want it to be as thick.  Yummy.

When summer comes I’m going to add some Ice to The MIX.  I bet that’s real good too.

Please let me know if you like these Banana Papaya Smoothies Below.  Have a better one?  Feel free to share that here too.


Are You Up For A Run Challenge?

Whether you go for a run, change your diet, or do something else that will make a difference in your life, I DARE you to start something new TODAY.


Why do a 30 day Challenge?

To help you GROW, of course.

My challenge is to Run or Play Physically outside for the next 30 days.  I’ll be running 1 mile, at least 2 times per week, and seeing how much I can improve my time in the Mile.

As of NOW, I’ve already completed 2 runs AND I’m on my 4th day into the challenge.  I did the first run at a casual relaxed pace so I would have a base line to build from.

I increased my pace in my SECOND run and dropped 54 seconds off of my Mile time.  I’m inspired to see how much faster I can get.

On the days I’m not running, I’ll be doing what I’m calling “Outdoor Physical Play!”  That might be Walking, Swinging, Doing Handstands or Even Cart Wheels.  I felt I needed to be doing something related to my running challenge everyday to make this a real 30 day challenge.

I encourage you to challenge yourself like this, as 30 day challenges are SUPER inspiring.  Your lifestyle is all about your habits, and changing one thing at a time like this will get you doing MORE of what you truly Value Doing.

What will your 30 day challenge be?  Please share what you’d like to do for YOUR challenge in the comments section on this page.

=>See Action Scenes From The Physical Play And Run Challenge HERE!<=


How To Make Kale Chips

So You Want To Make Kale Chips!

If you’ve already tasted Kale Chips before, you know they are good, and you’re about to learn how SIMPLE it is to make Kale Chips at home.

If you haven’t ever tried Kale Chips and you’re unsure about whether or not you’re going to LIKE them, I have GOOD news for you.  It’s not only Health Fanatics that like them; Kids go crazy over Kale Chips.

Not only is Kale a more healthful choice than most chips; It’s loaded with nutrients and it’s considered STRONGLY Anti Inflammatory.

Your AVERAGE sized bunch of Kale contains:

  • More than 600% of your daily Vitamin A
  • More Than 400% of your daily Vitamin C
  • More Than 2000% of your Daily Vitamin K
  • About 30% of your daily Calcium
  • About 20% of your daily Iron Needs.
  • Many other nutrients.

An adult can easily eat a WHOLE head of Kale in the form of Kale Chips; So you’ll be loading up on the nutrition.

Kale Chips Recipe


  • 1 to 3 bunches of Kale (The Only Ingredient You Need)
  • Flax Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Cayenne

The Flax Oil, Sea Salt And Cayenne are optional ingredients, as most people will like Kale Chips completely unseasoned.  But… Don’t hesitate to add these ingredients to your Kale Chips if that will get you eating them.

Directions For Making Kale Chips

Take your 1 to 3 bunches of Kale and wash and rinse them.  Cut each Kale branch into 3 or 4 pieces.

Layer your Cut Kale in your dehydrator and turn the temperature to 115 to 118 degrees before turning it on.  For Raw Kale Chips you’ll want to keep the Temperature at 118 degrees or less.  It will take 2-3 hours for your Kale to be properly dehydrated.

For a quicker dehydration time, turn the temperature to about 130 degrees;  This will compromise some of the nutrients, but your Kale Chips will still be VERY nutritious.

Now… Eat Your Kale Chips.  Yummm.  If they are NOT good enough for you plain, sprinkle some good sea salt on them after drizzling a little Organic Flax Oil.  Dust them with a little Cayenne if Spicy is your thing.

Have you ever eaten Kale Chips Before?  Did you like them?  Please share anything you have to say about Kale Chips in the comments section.


Has the FIT Vegetarian gotten Fat? Being Authentic Isn’t Always Easy.

Truthfully, you can see the extra pounds I’ve put on.  I plan on transforming that, and I hope you’ll be following my transformation over the next couple of months.  I am still in very good health, and I’ve been Vegan for the last few months, but that’s not really what this story is about.

The HEART of the matter I’m bringing to you today comes down to Being Authentic.  I was lying in bed last night and I felt pretty good; Even though I wasn’t falling asleep.  I was thinking about what I wanted to share with YOU.

So…  My mind was kind of making a video, and I was entertained by it.  It came down to me thinking about WHY I was enjoying my video in my mind, and I knew I had to share it with you.

As you may know from following me, I have been sharing about Being Authentic, and wanting to get even MORE Real with you.  I’ve wanted to be my self, so you could make clear decisions for yourself, based on what you see.  I’ve also wanted to be MORE myself to inspire you to be MORE yourself.

I have to admit, there is another selfish motivation here; I want to be Authentic so I can be free from what others perceive me as, and truly LIVE The Dream.  I know this is all really sentimental and La La Land sounding, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

So… Getting more to the point, I think it’s an important Thought, that in Being Authentic, YOU and I Don’t Take ourselves to seriously.  If you watch the video you’ll see what I mean.  In being super SERIOUS All the time, I’d be being completely UnAuthentic, as I’m a person who is frequently TRYING to be funny and entertaining, and being serious all the time is not my TRUE Nature.

Sure… I know I don’t Always succeed at being funny in the eyes of others, but It’s funny to me, and that definitely makes it worth it.

I suggest you unleash the REAL you on the world, and get down right SILLY.  Here’s to LIVING as your Authentic Self and Creating the LIFE of Your Dreams.

Dream ON Dreamer.

Please share your thoughts about Being Authentic in the comments section; Be as AUTHENTIC As you Can.


76 Days Of Being A Vegan

Is Being A Vegan Healthy Long Term?

That’s a question I’ve been trying to answer for years.  More recently I decided to experiment with being fully Vegan AGAIN.

In case you didn’t know I’ve been Vegetarian or Vegan since 1996 but recently I gave up Dairy to go all the way Vegan AGAIN, to see if it would be better than before; I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and refined my diet so I thought being a Vegan again could get me some good results.

The TRUTH is, I have noticed some improvements, but I’ve also wondered if I might be going backwards in other ways.

I started watching a lot of videos, and reading a lot of articles promoting the use of animal products for improved health and they really got to me.  You can read more about that HERE.

Anyway,  I’ve continued on doing the Vegan Diet, and more recently, I’m feeling better than I have in a long long time.

So….  Can me feeling this good be attributed to Being Vegan ALONE?

I’m not sure, as there are a couple of other things I’ve changed recently, and I’m about to share those things with You.

  • The first possibility of WHY I could be feeling better, beyond being Vegan is, I’ve NOT had any source of Caffeine in my body for the last 3 weeks.
  • The second is I’ve cut back on the amount of Calories I was consuming.
  • The Third possibility of Why I feel better could have to do with the fact that I’ve had some Vegan Protein Powder in my diet 3 times in the last week.

I’ll get into the specifics of these 3 things now; Other than the Caffeine because I think that’s pretty self Explanatory.

So…. I was expecting to lose a little weight as a vegan.  This expectation is a result of my past Vegan Experience when I had a hard time gaining weight when I wanted to.

Even though I knew I could lose a little fat I was a little concerned the pounds might drop off too much and I might lose some muscle.

Thankfully, I haven’t lost any muscle or strength, but I’ve remained at close to the same weight; That weight might even contain a little more muscle mass.

Here’s a connection to the weight staying on.  I’ve been eating more food than ever before.  I wanted to stick to the high carbohydrate way of being vegan to avoid losing weight and also to keep my energy.

What I realized is, I wasn’t feeling hungry when I was eating and some days I was feeling like I wasn’t quite right.

So… I started to cut back on the amount of food.  It’s important to note, I’m STILL Eating a pretty large amount of food, but I’m doing it less often and I’m feeling hungry every time I Eat.

I think eating when you really feel hungry is part of the key to really feeling good.  I thought this before but now it’s really been reenforced.

So What About The Protein Powder?

Well… I stated that I was reading a lot of information about former Vegans and Vegetarians returning to a more Animal Based diet and promoting how great it was.  One topic I consumed a lot of information on was related to SPECIFIC Amino Acids.

Meat and Even Dairy Consumers were going on about these specific Amino Acids being abundant in Meat but not plant sources.  They really got me thinking.

Since reading the information I realized there is NOT much to fear if you’re Eating a healthful Vegan diet, as those amino acids are generally abundant enough in the plant sources, as long as your eating ENOUGH and a Variety of Vegan foods.

I also learned that some of those amino acids in TOO much abundance can have negative health consequences.  (I’m going to cover MORE on this in future articles.)

So…  All these things being stated I was VERY curious about what might happen if I had a little extra protein.  (For many years I’ve really been convinced that you never have to think about protein as long as you eat enough plant based foods.)

So… I decided I would try some protein powder to see if I could notice any difference in how I felt.

I used Organic Sprouted Fermented Brown Rice Protein Powder, which is known to be one of the very best sources of protein powder available.

A serving size has about 25 grams of protein and I had at least 3 times that the first time I tried it.  That’s more than 75 grams of protein.

Now I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, because I have changed a few other things, as I already stated, but the night I took the protein powder, I felt some positive changes.  My mood seemed to improve and my body felt a little more relaxed.

So…  I used the same protein powder, a couple more times during the week, in about the same serving size.

I want to be CLEAR that research seems to show that TOO much protein can be bad for you, and that’s also for another article, but I think it is POSSIBLE that a little extra from a good source might be good for some people.

I want to experiment a little more with this and learn some more to be sure, but it is possible the extra protein has made a positive difference.

Just so you KNOW, I didn’t consume such a large amount of protein powder just because it seemed like a good idea.  I read from someone a while back that having 100 grams of protein powder Every ONCE in Awhile was a good idea to improve your health.

There’s more to this, But… I don’t want to spoil the next article about protein so I’m going to save it.

Long story short, Now you know me a little better.  You’re getting the straight facts from me.  My hope is my transparency will help YOU decide what’s best for you.

And be it related to the protein powder or not, Being A Vegan for 76 days is feeling good; I’m going to continue with the Vegan Experiment, and I’ll keep you posted as I move forward.

What about you?  Hate Vegans, Like Vegans, Enjoy being a Vegan?  Share with me and others in the comments section.

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Organic Vs Natural

What’s The Label That Means The Most; Natural Or Organic?

When it comes to product labeling the terms Natural and Organic are causing a little confusion for some folks.

Which food label do you look for when you want the food with the finest and most healthful ingredients? I was very surprised to learn what the answers to a survey, conducted by the Shelton Group, revealed.

31% of the respondents believed the label “100 Percent Natural” represented the SUPERIOR product, compared to only 14% of the respondents that thought the “100 Percent ORGANIC” label represented the MORE Healthful choice.

I’m hoping YOU are one of the minority that KNOWS Organic is better? If you guessed Natural was the product label that represents the higher quality product, I’m GLAD you’ve landed on this page, and after reading this, you won’t be deceived anymore.

What Is The Difference Between Natural And Organic Anyway?

When it comes right down to it, products labeled Natural are mostly JUNK! Sure…. There are some exceptions, but GENERALLY Speaking, products labeled Natural have NO Standard to live up to.

That’s right. There’s not even a legal term for the word “Natural” when it comes to product labeling.

The closest thing Natural has to a standard was set by the FDA in 1993. The FDA basically stated that the term Natural should be used truthfully and products labeled as Natural should not have any added colors, synthetic substances, or artificial flavors.

So let’s just say, companies labeling Natural FOLLOWED these GENERAL guidelines; Would that give you some pretty Good Natural Products?

Not REALLY…. Unless you consider Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), Grown in Depleted Soil, then BATHED in Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides throughout their growth cycle, Good Natural Products.

Bottom line is, if it’s not Organic or BETTER, it’s generally made from the cheapest ingredients available. When it comes to what you put in your body, cheapest is almost NEVER the best.

The word NATURAL on a product label should be viewed for what it Generally IS; A Marketing Term.

Natural SELLS, and it makes the buyer FEEL like they’re making a healthful choice; Even though they’re buying LOW quality, and often bad for the health, products.

What we’ve just reviewed is enough evidence to make you think twice about buying All Natural Vs Organic, but there is more to it than this.

Start reading the ingredient lists of products you find labeled Natural and you’ll find they often include ingredients that violate the very General Guidelines laid out buy the FDA in 1993; You’ll SEE the label Natural is often very misleading.

Organic on the other hand is the TRUE Natural. For a product to be labeled Organic it MUST meet standards laid out by the USDA, and although I’d make the standards even HIGHER, they’re pretty good as they are.

So… Should You Ever Buy Natural?

Sure! If you find a product labeled Natural Almonds, for example, and the ingredient list says Natural Almonds, at least you know you ARE getting Almonds; Exactly what you wanted. But… Organic Almonds ARE More Natural. So There! Organic Wins. (:

Please let me know your thoughts on Natural Vs Organic in the comments section. Are you a Natural or ORGANIC Fan; Or does it matter to you?