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Physical Play And Run Challenge For Improved Fitness

Are You Up For A Run Challenge?

Whether you go for a run, change your diet, or do something else that will make a difference in your life, I DARE you to start something new TODAY.


Why do a 30 day Challenge?

To help you GROW, of course.

My challenge is to Run or Play Physically outside for the next 30 days.  I’ll be running 1 mile, at least 2 times per week, and seeing how much I can improve my time in the Mile.

As of NOW, I’ve already completed 2 runs AND I’m on my 4th day into the challenge.  I did the first run at a casual relaxed pace so I would have a base line to build from.

I increased my pace in my SECOND run and dropped 54 seconds off of my Mile time.  I’m inspired to see how much faster I can get.

On the days I’m not running, I’ll be doing what I’m calling “Outdoor Physical Play!”  That might be Walking, Swinging, Doing Handstands or Even Cart Wheels.  I felt I needed to be doing something related to my running challenge everyday to make this a real 30 day challenge.

I encourage you to challenge yourself like this, as 30 day challenges are SUPER inspiring.  Your lifestyle is all about your habits, and changing one thing at a time like this will get you doing MORE of what you truly Value Doing.

What will your 30 day challenge be?  Please share what you’d like to do for YOUR challenge in the comments section on this page.

=>See Action Scenes From The Physical Play And Run Challenge HERE!<=

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  • Shellie Rice ,

    You have inspired me to just get outside – do anything – outside. I’ll start by walking in the yard in my barefeet (I live in California) and picking dandelions so my grass isn’t overrun. (I don’t use pesticides.) Then, because I live in town, I’ll walk to the park and try to jog the 1/4 mile around it. (I’m not a runner.) I think I’ll come up with things as I go, but, thank you, I needed to see your message today. So – here I go….

    • Yay. I am so happy to learn that you were inspired by this challenge. I think getting outside everyday is a great challenge. Barefoot picking dandelions is also good for you (Getting Grounded). Good job at starting your challenge Now. Thanks so much for taking the time to give me this feedback Shellie.

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