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Rethinking Vegetarian Or Vegan

Is it better to be vegan or vegetarian?  Can a person really be healthy as a vegetarian? Who should you listen to?

I’m glad you want to make the best choices for your own health, and I’m going to help you with those choices by sharing honestly with you.  I’m Sye Rodriguez and I’ve been a Vegetarian/Vegan for the last 17 years.

The main reason you’ll benefit from hearing what I have to say is…. I share the truth.  It’s taken me a long time to learn what I have about the plant based life style and even longer to learn how to share authentically.

At this point in my life one of the things that matters most is Being TRUE.  I have come to realize that most of the people out there only share what they want you to see.  I am also guilty of that to some degree and I’m here to remedy that.

If you know who I REALLY am, and what I do as a vegetarian, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions for yourself.

Should I Be Vegetarian Or Vegan?  Is Being Vegetarian Healthy?

First of all, you can be extremely healthy as a vegetarian, and my health has definitely improved over the years of being vegetarian and vegan.

But what’s better?  Being vegetarian or vegan.  I think the term vegetarian has gotten a bad rap over time, as many vegetarians are not healthy; And JUST being Vegetarian is not going to make you healthy.  Following certain practices as a vegetarian or vegan WILL make you more healthy.

I was vegan for many years, except that I ate Honey, and still do.  Now I also consume Dairy products from Cows and Goats, including Milk, Cream, Cheese and Yogurt.

I want this to be clear.  First I’m rethinking my Dairy consumption and considering going back to a Vegan diet.  Second..  Certain aspects of my health MAY have improved as a result of adding Dairy into my diet, but I may have gone backwards in other ways.

I was always pretty Lean as a VEGAN and I wanted to put on a little more muscle mass. Using Dairy has helped me to put on more muscle mass, but I’ve also gained a little fat.

I can also say, I’m not sure if Dairy is really responsible for any improvements in my health, as I also started to consume Vitamin D, and also Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin, around the same time as I started using Dairy.

Going from Vegan to Vegetarian was more about being free from the label of Vegan and wondering if my first child might benefit in any way from having Milk.  I also heard a kind of Famous Vegan say he had started using goats yogurt and his hormone levels changed for the better.  Since then he doesn’t use Goats yogurt regularly and follows a Vegan diet.

Now that I’ve stated there might be some benefits to using a little Dairy, I also want you to know it might be responsible for some negative health consequences as well.  I know it creates more mucus in the body at the very least.

I’ll keep you posted about where I go from here, but I want to make sure you know…. Going Vegetarian might be the very best choice you’ll ever make for your health.  I definitely don’t plan on eating meat again for a number of reasons.

Beyond your own health, being vegetarian is way better for the environment and health of the whole planet than a diet consisting of meat.

Another fact people often miss is this; Eating local, but still eating meat, is far worse for the environment than being vegetarian, and STILL eating food shipped from all over the world.

I know for a fact I’m healthier as a vegetarian than I was before becoming one.  I know there are better and worse ways of eating, whether or not you consume animals, and I can’t say that the very best vegetarian diet is better for your health than the very best diet which also has a small amount of animal consumption included.

I DO know you DON’T need to eat animals to be EXTREMELY healthy, and Heart Disease for one, is associated with animal consumption.

In conclusion I want to state, the main reason I made this article was to get more honest with you about who I am, and help you make better choices as a result.  You can be healthy as a Vegan or a Vegetarian, and doing it the right way is what’s going to help you get more healthy.

I’ll continue to share with you and help you along the way, whether you are vegetarian or not.  Please post your comments, criticisms and questions, even if think I’m an idiot and you hate me.



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