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Vegetarian Confesses Addiction

Are the vegetarians and vegans you trust hiding their addictions from you?  Are they creating an illusion for you to try and emulate by masquerading as purists?

In this video I reveal more of my true character so you can get to know me better.  You’ll learn about what kind of an addict I am and what I’m doing about it.

I have to admit I’m a junkie.  Fortunately I’ve gotten addicted to things that aren’t as bad as the worst things one can be addicted to.

I’m confessing my addictive nature to you for more than one reason.  First of all, I want to free Myself from the ideal illusion I’ve wanted to believe I was.  Secondly, I want to empower you with the truth, so you can make more informed decisions about how you want to live your life.

Knowing I’m a vegetarian is not enough.  What kind of a vegetarian am I?  Do I do things that are considered bad for a person.  Am I healthy in spite of my addictions?

I know I’m an addict because I love a good buzz.  Coffee and other caffeinated beverages get me feeling that buzz, but it’s not without a cost; Especially when I over do it to an EXTREME degree.

I’ve struggled with different addictions for a long time, but these days I’m not struggling as much.  I think I’ve given up coffee for about 3 full years in the last 5, and I’ve also had extended periods of time without caffeinated teas and chocolate (cacao).

I’ve found I have a lot more joy in my life when I’m NOT drinking coffee or having chocolate, but I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the buzz those things give me; At least before the crash or withdrawals.

I’ve decided I don’t want to give up coffee for a year at a time anymore.  Maybe I will just stop drinking it at some point.  I’ve found a better way to deal with addictions and that’s through meditation.  I will go deeper into the subject of meditation another time.

Being an addictive person I’ve also found that some things are good to be addicted to.  The more fruit I eat the better I feel.  Fruit won’t cause you to crash and you won’t go through withdrawals if you don’t have any for a day or two.  You might miss the fruit if you don’t get it, but at least you don’t get headaches from not having it.

Will Coffee Addiction Make You Less Healthy?

This question is not so easy to answer.  It depends largely on how much you drink, and what else you put in your body.  I think it’s MORE important to see your addiction for what it is and take responsibility for the consequences it brings.

I know a lot of people become more edgy and stressed as a result of coffee consumption.  Some people say it makes them bitter.

I get a headache and become more irritable as a result of withdrawals from coffee.  I’ve even noticed my craving for coffee is associated with some craving for pain.  Weird, huh?

I have noticed my addiction to coffee never really satisfies me.  Once I’ve had some, I want more and that eventually leads to me feeling pretty bad, and still not satisfied.  That is the Nature of addiction; a bottomless pit of WANTING that is never quite fulfilled.

These things being said, I do moderate my consumption of addictive substances, and I refuse to be a slave to anything.

One thing I do appreciate about addictive substances is how they can immediately change the way you feel.  This insight shows us that what you put into your body does make a difference.  Whether it’s fruit or animal flesh it’s making a difference as well; although you might not feel the difference so profoundly at first.

Are Other Caffeinated Beverages Better For You Than Coffee?

I can say from my own experience that Yerba Mate seems to be better for me than Coffee.  I get the caffeine buzz from it, but it doesn’t leave me feeling as bad as coffee does on the down side.  This might be due to the very high concentration of BENEFICIAL minerals that are in Yerba Mate.  Although Yerba Mate is addicting, it’s probably better for you than coffee on a number of levels.

Summing things up, I’d say the less you need the more free you are.  If you’re addicted to some kind of a drug and you’ve noticed your health is not where you’d like it to be, it’s probably a good idea to quit the addiction; or at least moderate it.

Meditation with deep breathing has helped me moderate addictions and experience more joy.  I highly recommend you try it, in case you’re not already doing it.

I hope knowing me a little better is empowering to you.  Please post your comments and criticisms in relationship to coffee, caffeine, addiction or anything related to this post that you feel like expressing.

To Your Health And Happiness,

The Addicted

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  • Yerba Mate has a very high concentration of BENEFICIAL minerals ! That was interesting I didn’t know that!!! Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment Clay. I have been thinking about your question from before, and still plan to answer it; The question about obtaining enough beneficial minerals. Yerba Mate is one way to get more beneficial minerals in your body. It’s also higher in Antioxidants than Green Tea.

      Thanks for your interaction. I appreciate it.

  • wind ,

    Thank you so much for being honest! Having the courage to stand in truth with ourselves and others is even more interesting to me than what we ate for dinner…
    I love that you create so much healing just by speaking whats real. Blessings and MORE love!

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